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David Anthony Christian
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David Anthony Christian

David came to the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai from the University of Pennsylvania, where he double majored in Economics & International Relations. Before attending Mount Sinai, he worked as a management consultant and completed a post- baccalaureate premedical program at New York University. He entered the MD program in 2017.

While at Mount Sinai, David participated in the Medical Discovery of Careers (MedDOCs) student-run organization as a mentor to high-school students interested in science and medicine. David has been a Change Leader as part of the institution’s Racism and Bias Initiative for the past five years. He spent his academic scholarly year with the Mount Sinai Institute for Health Equity Research, where he served as a project manager, and co-authored a paper with the NHGRI consortium, Implementing Genomics in Practice (IGNITE).

David would like to thank his family, friends, and the faculty and staff of the Office for Diversity and Inclusion, Student Affairs, and the Institute for Health Equity Research for the resources and encouragement that have made this journey so rewarding.

David will graduate with his MD degree and continue his residency training in Anesthesiology at New York University. During his career, he hopes to combine his interests in healthcare economics and quality improvement with his advocacy for health equity.

David Anthony Christian is receiving the:

James Felt Award for the Promotion of Social and Racial Justice