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Emily May Teichman
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Emily May Teichman

Emily Teichman came to the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai from Hamilton College, where she majored in Neuroscience and Physics. Previously, Emily worked as a research assistant at University College Cork, studying the effect of the microbiota- gut-brain axis in Autism Spectrum Disorder. She entered the PhD program in 2019.

While at Icahn Mount Sinai, Emily studied HCN channels and their association with depression in the labs of Dr. Carole Morel, Dr. Jian Jin, and Dr. Paul Slesinger. Outside of her scientific research, Emily was involved in many different organizations and work within the graduate school. She served as a PhD student representative on Student Council all 5 years of her PhD. Emily also served as the PhD representative at large on the Steering Committee of Student Council, a PhD representative on the PhD Steering Committee, and the President of Student Council for the 2021-2022 academic year. Through Trainee Health and Wellness (THAW), she acted as a peer mentor for incoming years of PhD students, and helped to run the peer mentorship program. She also volunteered as a mentor for the New York Academy of Science 1000 girls, 1000 futures program, and volunteered as a trained crisis counselor for the Crisis Text Line.

Emily would like to thank her family, friends, and faculty at Icahn Mount Sinai for making the past 5 years so rewarding and enlightening, and for providing her with unwavering support and guidance. She would also like to thank the peers and faculty she worked with in her labs and her leadership positions for giving her the space to learn, grow, and lead. Emily will graduate with her PhD in Biomedical Sciences in May of 2024.

Emily May Teichman is receiving the:

The Miki Rifkin Graduate School Service Award