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Josimar Hernandez Antonio
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Josimar Hernandez Antonio

Gold Humanism Honor Society Reward Recipient

The Gold Humanism Honor Society recognizes students, residents and faculty who are exemplars of compassionate patient care and who serve as role models, mentors, and leaders in medicine. Members are peer nominated and are the ones that others say they want taking care of their own family. Since its inception in 2002, Gold Humanism Honor Society has grown in influence to become a vital part of medical school and residency training program cultures throughout the US.

Here’s what Josimar's peers had to say about their humanistic care in medicine:

Josimar Hernandez Antonio is always kind, compassionate, and is a great patient advocate. He truly exemplifies what it means to care for the patient by always making the patient's concerns and desires central to his care. Josimar’s peers express that he exudes a calm, comforting presence and makes you feel seen while being very nonjudgmental at the same time. He has a deep understanding of the pathophysiology of mental illness, but, more than that, he has an insightful presence. He is an expert at defusing tension and reorienting conversations productively. Josimar carries himself in a quiet, confident way that make people eager to share their secrets with him. With that, we would like to acknowledge and congratulate Josimar.

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Gold Humanism Honor Society