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Naomi Adalia Mayman
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Naomi Adalia Mayman

Naomi came to the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai from Northeastern University, where she majored in Behavioral Neuroscience. Prior to attending Mount Sinai, Naomi worked at several positions in drug development and translational oncology at various companies, including Pfizer and Dana Farber Cancer Institute. She entered the MD program in 2019.

While at Mount Sinai, Naomi participated in the East Harlem Health Outreach Partnership (EHHOP) as a Chronic Care Junior, Chronic Care Senior, and Teaching Senior. She also volunteered as a mentor in the MedDOCS program, an admissions committee member, and a student council member. She published several peer-reviewed articles and gave two oral presentations at the International Stroke Conference.

Naomi would like to thank her family and friends for their support throughout medical school; the Mount Sinai faculty for their commitment to teaching; the department of neurology for providing such wonderful and rewarding teaching and research opportunities; and especially Dr. Laura Stein, for her generosity in mentorship and teaching.

Naomi will graduate with her MD degree and continue her residency training in neurology at the University of Pennsylvania.

Naomi Adalia Mayman is receiving the:

Dr. Morris B. Bender Award in Clinical Neurology