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Alexandra Donchak Capellini
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Alexandra Donchak Capellini

Alexandra came to the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai from Johns Hopkins University, where she majored in Public Health Studies. Before attending Icahn, Alexandra worked as a Research Assistant in the Department of International Health at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. She entered the MD program in 2018.

While at Icahn, Alexandra participated in East Harlem Health Outreach Partnership (EHHOP), the student-run free clinic, as a Clinic Manager, represented her class in Student Council, and co-led the Pediatrics Interest Group. She contributed to behavior change research with the Chronic Disease Action Center at the Arnhold Institute for Global Health as well as cancer predisposition gene research at the Mount Sinai Center for Transformative Disease Modeling. Alexandra earned a Master of Science in Clinical Research through the PORTAL (MD/MSCR) program. She completed a full-time research year with Dr. James L.M. Ferrara’s lab at the Hematologic Malignancies Translational Research Center/BMT Clinical Research of the Tisch Cancer Institute. Prior to graduation, Alexandra traveled to the United Kingdom to study the ethical considerations of sports prosthetic coverage for young amputees, through a partnership between the Ethox Centre of Oxford University and the Bioethics Program at ISMMS. She has published three articles in peer-reviewed journals throughout her time at Sinai.

Alexandra would like to thank her family, friends, mentors, and advisors at Sinai who have made her medical education a motivating and rewarding experience.

Alexandra will graduate with her MD/MSCR degree and begin residency training in Medicine-Pediatrics at the University of Michigan.

Alexandra Donchak Capellini is receiving the:

PORTAL Thesis Award in Clinical Research