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Roosheel Sandeep Patel
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Roosheel Sandeep Patel

Roosheel came to the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai from Texas A&M University, where he completed his undergraduate degree in Biochemistry. Before attending Icahn, he worked as a research technician in the Texas Medical Center studying horizontal gene transfer mechanisms. He entered the Biomedical Sciences PhD program at the Icahn School of Medicine in August 2019, where he joined the labs of Dr. Brad Rosenberg and Dr. Dusan Bogunovic to study viral infections and immunology.

Within three years, Roosheel excelled as a research scientist, publishing over 27 peer-reviewed articles, five of which he was the first author. His research focused on atypical immune response to viral infections, specifically investigating the role of innate immune cells in antiviral defense. Roosheel's discoveries could inform the development of life-saving antiviral therapies.

Beyond his publications, Roosheel made significant contributions to the scientific community more broadly. He established cell protocols and bioinformatic pipelines that have become standard practices for researchers worldwide. Outside of the lab, he served as the PhD student representative on the Graduate Student Steering Committee, where he made decisions to better student life and well-being at Sinai. Roosheel's mentorship of fellow PhD students and his participation on the admissions committee demonstrated his commitment to cultivating the next generation of scientists.

Roosheel is immensely grateful for the support and guidance he received from his family, friends, and the faculty members at Sinai. Their encouragement and mentorship enabled him to pursue his passion for science and achieve his career goals.

As Roosheel graduates with his PhD degree, he begins his new role as a senior scientist at Tempus Labs, where he will leverage real-world clinical and molecular data to drive the development of innovative new therapies for cancer patients.

Roosheel Sandeep Patel is receiving the:

The Terry Ann Krulwich Doctoral Dissertation Prize